Social Networking and E-commerce


Following cash investments of £150,000 (July 2018), £200,001 (October 2018), £100,000 (April 2019) and £400,002 (November 2019) and share swaps for a total consideration of £1,355,468 (June 2019) and £837,200 (March 2020), TSI has a 10.7% stake in WeShop Limited, a cutting edge digital social network platform focused on the fast-growing and highly valuable e-commerce sector.

• stake in UK based purpose-built social e-commerce platform looking to capitalise on its early mover advantage to become a global leader in the rapidly growing social e-commerce sector - a blend of social networking and e-commerce viewed as the next stage of the online retail revolution
• Backed by high profile external investors
• Led by a Board and management team with extensive retail knowledge and experience
• Retail partnerships in place with major brands and retailers including ASOS, Harrods, Nike, Tesco and Boots
• The WeShop platform, which has deployed £10million to date, has been successfully tested by over one million users
• Management and Board supported by a world class technical team

The Investment

TSI has invested a total of £3,042,671 in four funding rounds and two share swaps with WeShop Limited, a company duly incorporated under the laws of England and Wales. TSI has a shareholding of 508,808 shares representing 10.7% of the issued share capital.



WeShop's digital platform utilises both social media and e-commerce to provide a unique opportunity to use social networking to enhance the online shopping experience.  The platform combines trusted social network assets of reviews, likes, and shares with an engaging online retail experience specifically tailored to the individual user.  It enables users to gain rewards by recommending products to their network of online friends, building upon the established phenomenon of individuals receiving social validation via likes and comments on social media posts.  This creates a virtuous circle for users and brands/retailers: users benefit from the convenience of having access to 1,000s of brands and millions of products on one platform plus a two-way sharing of ideas with friends to participate in a rewards system; brands/retailers benefit from increased sales and awareness.

WeShop's powerful search and browsing capability aggregates millions of products from over 250 established retailers.  WeShop already has existing contracts with several major brands and retailers nationwide, including ASOS, Harrods, Nike, Tesco and Boots, with over 7.6 million products available for its users to buy or promote across multiple categories including men and women's fashion, homeware, technology, travel and lifestyle.  Users gain commission via the products they promote with the reward structure ranging between five to ten percent of the recommended retail price of the product.  WeShop believes that the system of earning rewards alongside the implementation of a direct integration system, developed by WeShop, has the potential to create a unique online retail eco-system that benefits users, retailers, brands and manufacturers.

WeShop has had over one million unique users on the platform and continues to work to improve user experience on the platform and its engagement and marketing strategy.  It plans to launch a high-volume brand awareness marketing campaign in the short term to increase the number of registered users above one million.  Initial testing resulted in over 400,000 products added to users' tailored profiles. 

Registered Company Address:
Two Shields Investments Plc
Hyde Park House
5 Manfred Road
SW15 2RS


Registered Number: 2956279
(Registered in England and Wales)