Two Shields Investments holds a 29.9% holding in IGS (International Geoscience Services) Limited, a global consulting group. IGS was spun out of the British Geological Survey (BGS), the world’s oldest national geological survey, founded in 1835.


IGS provides a range of geoscientific services, including:

  • Capacity Building
  • Field Mapping
  • Geodata Management
  • Institutional Reform
  • Mineral Promotion
  • National Mapping Programmes
  • Project Design and Management
  • Target Generation


Most of IGS clients are governments, national geological survey organisations and international agencies such as the World Bank, thus largely insulating IGS revenues from the rises and falls of the metals market cycles. The company has been very successful in winning contracts with these core clients and also carries out work for exploration companies and other consultancy groups.

In addition to its consulting services, IGS has developed a unique intelligent prospectivity analysis system, IGS Xplore, which uses semantically-driven technology to identify areas prospective for various different types of mineral deposit. Xplore rapidly tests data for a region or country, including geology, geochemistry, interpreted geophysics and other information, against a set of well-established geological rules governing over 50 known mineralization models.

IGS Xplore

Unlike other prospectivity analytical tools, IGS Xplore does not use a GIS-based approach, fuzzy logic, neural networks or weights of evidence to perform mineral prospectivity analysis, but uniquely applies semantic technology. The prospective areas identified are based on actual known geological conditions and are not theoretical constructs or statistical probabilities.

IGS now offers bespoke IGS Xplore analysis to its clients and off-the-shelf prospectivity data products for a number of regions are now available through the IGS web site.

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