Cyber security & brand protection


Two Shields Investments has an 11.34% equity stake and $1.8m Convertible Loan Note (CLN) in leading global cyber security and brand protection company, BrandShield.


  • End-to-end SaaS solution addresses real issues
    Proactive solution from threat identification to takedown
  • AI powered, big-data technology
    Allows the proprietary platform to improve itself constantly
  • Fast growing subscription business
    83% CAGR for annual recurring revenue from 2017 to 2019
  • Rapidly growing market
    From $5.3bn in 2018 to $12.9bn in 2023, a 19.7% CAGR*
  • Protecting extensive, growing list of companies
    Fortune 500 clients with cross-sales potential
  • Product now highly developed
    Entering marketing phase to accelerate growth, operational gearing

The Investment

BrandShield provides an end-to-end digital brand protection and online threat hunting service for its customers, and its software products protect its customers from the financial costs and reputational damage suffered by them resulting from phishing and fraud, executive impersonation or the sale of counterfeit goods online. These cyber fraud activities manifest themselves in various way, such as fake websites masquerading as real ones, social media based phishing and fraud, and counterfeit sales on e-commerce marketplaces.

While there is a wide range of solutions which can be used to protect an organisation within its perimeter (i.e. within systems controlled by it), BrandShield’s software focus on the world outside it.

BrandShield’s software works by detecting potential threats, analysing them, prioritising them and then, in conjunction with its or the customer’s enforcement team, taking them down. BrandShield has developed a suite of proprietary AI-powered software that largely automates the analysis and prioritization of online phishing and brand abuse cases. The technology uses big data and algorithms to find networks of fraudulent online activity and clusters of counterfeiters.

BrandShield's product offering includes automated takedown, real-time reporting and continually improving detection, which is able to identify new types of threats. Its products cover many types of online platforms including websites, marketplaces, social media, mobile apps and PPC ads. In response to customer demand, BrandShield has established its own in-house online hunting and enforcement team consisting mostly of qualified lawyers, with particular experience in IP law. The service is customised to the requirements of BrandShield’s customers and experiences high success rates.

BrandShield currently works with many global brands. Fraudsters and counterfeiters are sector agnostic and so BrandShield’s customers operate in a variety of sectors including financial services, pharmaceuticals, fashion, online, sports, entertainment and travel.

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